What is the difference between Password, Concierge and Promo Code?

The password is one of the 2 elements with your email address to access your account.
The Concierge Code is the code given to you by your concierge. It consists only of letters or groups of letters separated by the hyphen.
The Promo Code is a code consisting of letters and numbers sent by your concierge, ourselves or a partner. It allows you to get a discount on a specific product or service, or also a global discount.

I lost my password. How to recover it?

Go to this page, enter your email address and click on "Send reset link".
Go to your mailbox, follow the received link and reset your password.

What should I do with the Concierge Code given by my concierge?

When you create your account? fill in the field "Concierge Code". You can also change it on My Account page.
It allows us to associate your concierge and ensure you the best service. It also enables to access specific services offered by your concierge.
The Concierge Code is not mandatory. You can create an account without this code. You will have our best V.I.P service.

Where do I enter my Promo (Voucher) Code?

On the computers, tablets and iPads, the field where you can enter the Voucher Code is displayed in your cart or below the total amount on this page:
On Iphones, Androïd and Windows Phones, this field is above the totals.
Please note: You can enter multiple combinable Vouchers Codes. Once a coupon is validated, a new field is displayed.

Which address should I register?

We only deliver Saint-Martin/Sint Maarten island.
The easiest solution is to register your personal address. This address will be used for your invoice.
In step 3 of the order process (Delivery method) you will be able to enter the address of your holiday residence at St Martin/Sint Maarten in the provided field. More often than not, the name of the villa, the lot number, the residence's name and apartment number are enough, our island is not so large. You can also register the address of your holiday resort in St. Maarten. This will also be the address indicated on your invoice. For your information: The French part has a unique zip code 97150. The Dutch part does not have a zip code. French side includes only one city. You must fill in the city field with St Martin or what you know about your place of your residence (ex: Les Terres Basses). For the country field you must put France or Sint Maarten. For Dutch side just fill in the field city with Sint Maarten and choose Netherlands Antilles as the country.

How much are your delivery charges?

Taxes, delivery and services fees are are in the final price.

How can we contact you?

You can contact email us at davy@sxmleshalles.com, or call us at (590)690557590.
If you contact us us by email (our preference) we will respond ASAP.

How can I pay?

You can pay by Credit card (Visa , Mastercard).

Do you make substitution?

Yes from time to time an item you ordered may not be available on the island.When this happens , we will either substitute it with a similar item.If we are unable to do this we will refund the cost of the item.

If I need an item that is not on your website, can you get it for me?

In that cas use the document « my complementary list », if the product is available on the island we will get it for you.

I want to complete my order. Could I change it?

No unfortunately it's impossible. You can't modify your order when it's validated. However, you'll be able to make an additional order and in step 3 (Delivery Method) of the process order, fill in the field and indicate to deliver this second order with the previous one.
If you would just change a quantity, adding or removing 1 or 2 products, you can send us an email using the contact form. We will modify your order and adjust your payment directly or with your concierge when you will arrive.

Do I need to be present for delivery?

No. Our service is a pre arrival service and we will put all of your groceries in the villa before your arrival. We refrigerate any items needed to be and all the other items will be left in the kitchen.