Soothing CBD Baga Infused x 6


6 x 33 CL

20 mg of Cannabidiol

French Product

2 White Peach / Verbena

2 Apple / Kiwi / Chamomille

2 Raspberry / Lemon balm

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Baga drinks are natural, soothing, alcohol-free infusions based on CBD.  Very popular on the beaches, among sportsmen and relaxation lovers, and natural products.

With no added sugar, baga drinks are a tasty blend of plant extracts, cannabidiol and fruit.

The Baga range offers you three perfumes to taste.

Our Products help and protect the body from chronic stress. They promote sleep and quiet nights. Easy to use at any time of the day. Without dependence and addiction
We guarantee that our drinks are made in France and packaged in 100% recyclable glass bottles.
 Drink fresh! Shake before consuming. Store away from the sun and at a temperature below 25°C.  The presence of deposits is due to the use of ingredients of natural origin.